The Pond Diary

November - 2003

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10 November - Another month of neglect has passed while other things have distracted me from the pond. At the moment the water is covered with a layer of duckweed and I must spend some times clearing some of it.

A quick pond dip this afternoon came up with a reminder that even at this time of year you need to take care over pond clearing.

Only the second scoop of water taken contained this newtlet, still with a good set of gills. It looks as though this one is going to be about thoughout the winter.

It measured about 24mm in length.



26 November - The heavy rain of the last few days has meant that both ponds are full to overflowing now. During that wet weather I encountered numerous frogs wandering around the garden.

After a very wet start, today brightened up and I spent time organising the positioning of new paving stones down the length of the garden. As I removed a pile of old paving I came across this toad and 'relocated' it to a sheltered spot by my workshop.

It was quite awake although I cannot help but think that it looks half asleep in the photograph.


Tomorrow I need to continue sorting out the path, but I also hope to take advantage of the high water level in the big pond and spend a bit of time skimming the surface to reduce the amount of duckweed present.

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