Barkfly found on Pyracantha yesterday - side view to show wing detail

Bob Saville tells me that this barkfly is one of two very similar species, Trichopsocus dalii and T. clarus. In order to tell which species is present in my garden I needed to see the hind wing clearly. While the top image allowed some details to be seen, I needed to photograph the wings on their own.

Fore and hind wings of Trichopsocus clarus

This second picture shows a forewing (top in image) and hind wing from the right side of the barkfly in the first image. The wings are oriented so that their leading edges are at the top, which is the reverse of what is seen when they are held at the side of the living specimen.

Hind wing of Trichopsocus clarus

This third image gives a closer look at the hind wing, and the arrow indicated the area of the wing that helps in the identification. If there had been shading on both sides of the vein then the barkfly would be T. dalii. However, as shading is seen only to the left of the vein, as seen here, then it is probably T. clarus.