This first picture was taken within a few seconds of the larva catching the aphid. You can make out one of the aphid's red eyes just beyond the reach of the larva's mouth. At this stage the aphid was still alive and trying to move.

The second image was taken about three minutes later. As the aphid's soft tissues are removed you can see its abdomen has 'concertinaed' and the yellow contents are now colouring  the front end of the aphid's digestive system. Also, notice the dark shapes inside the aphid's body. These are mouth parts of the larva and were thrust in and out of the aphid's body throughout the feeding process. You can just make out their position, in the first image - not yet inside the aphid.

Soon after the four minute mark the aphid's abdomen was just a crumpled shape with just a small amount of the yellow coloured tissue left.

By the time this last image was taken, with the exception of the red eye, the aphid's body was just a white, lifeless mass.