The Garden Diary 2005

June-Part 1

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13 June - We are back home. In fact, we travelled back yesterday and have been taking time to sort things out around the house and garden. We had a great couple of weeks down in Cornwall. I kept a diary on my laptop, and will add it to these pages as soon as I can within the next two days.

The garden has flourished in our absence. It's amazing how much growth plants can put on in just two weeks.

One of the most memorable features of the Lizard at this time of the year are the hedgerows which are in blossom and looking fantastic. However, as we drove home it was noticeable how the roadsides became less colourful.

Arriving home, one of the first things I did was to look over the garden fence to check the garden where the profusion of Red Campion, and other plants could easily have been a bit of Cornwall brought home!



When we left for the holiday, these Oxeye Daisies were about half this height with only two or three flowers actually open. Today I have used some stakes and string to support then a little bit and to lift them away from the path.

In the pond we have missed most of the flowering of the Flag Irises, although there are still a few buds left to open.


This morning, when I walked out onto the veranda I heard a rustling under the bench in the corner. I peeped underneath and saw a Sunflower seed bag moving! The picture shows what I found - the seeds had all been emptied out into the blue container and replaced in the bag by a hedgehog.

I cut the bag open down one side and put the hedgehog, still in the bag, into the unoccupied hedgehog house.

I can safely say that the hedgehog wasn't in the bag yesterday as I took seed from the bag yesterday.


The big news on our return is that two of our House Martin boxes are in use - fantastic!

The pictures show an adult in the right hand box. The fact that she is staying in that box for long periods indicates that she is sitting on eggs.

The left hand box is also in use, although I didn't manage to photograph a bird in that one this afternoon. I wonder if egg-laying has not yet finished in that box.

The central box shows signs of some attempt to alter the entrance, but I haven't seen any signs of a bird going to it.

I can't help but wonder if any of these birds are the same ones that were here in August/September last year.  There is also another pair nesting in a natural nest across the road from us.

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