The Pond Diary

July - 2003

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2 July - Over the last month the pond has seen very little obvious change beyond the constant growth of the plants. I didn't spend any time doing any pond dipping in June and I hope to make up for that this month.


Yesterday was the first time I have seen a damselfly by the pond this year, and this was a fleeting glimpse - it disappeared as soon as I started to take photographs.

I haven't looked through my books to identify it as yet.






I haven't seen any dragonflies here yet, but today I found these wings (and a couple of other wing fragments) by the side of the pond. I couldn't find the rest of the dragonfly.

The way the wings have been torn off suggests that the dragonfly may have been caught by a bird.

Measuring nearly 5cm long the wings have a small white patch on the outer part of the leading edge.

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3 July - One thing I didn't point out in yesterday's entry was that the hind wing shown above actually had a flatworm inside it when I found it. Parts of the wing had become 'delaminated' , which is why it looks as though it has been folded in several places. When I put the wing back into water this morning I was able to peel off parts of the separated layer. It's amazing to think that the wing isn't just a single flim of tissue.

Another search of the area in which the wings were found has now turned up this cast-off skin of (I think) a Southern Hawker Dragonfly nymph. I have previously found and photographed developing nymph(s) last December (22nd) and on 2 May - I wonder if this is one of those.

The presence of this suggests that the wings belonged to the adult that had emerged.





11 July - Since the last entry I haven't seen any other Dragonflies in the garden, although we have a visit from a similar damselfly to the one pictured above (perhaps the same one?).

One thing I must record today is the opening of the first (three of them) of the Fringed Water Lily flowers, four days later than last year. Its a pity that they only last the one day - I shall be watching for the next buds to open.

The frogs are very active in the shadier parts of the garden. I have to take care whenever I scatter food for the birds under the Hawthorn as there are inevitably a couple of frogs there. I saw the first 'this year' frog yesterday when I pulled out a leavy plant that had sprung up amongst the liverworts

In the pond there are still tadpoles with no legs as well as others in the proce of change. Similarly there are newtlets which are well developed while others look as though they have just hatched.

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