The Frog and Pond Diary

July(second half) - 2001

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19 July - The Rose-Bay Willowherb has taken a long time to flower this year as most of the earliest buds were destroyed by unseen insect larvae. At last, yesterday saw the first flower open and it looks as though there are some more healthy flower buds waiting to follow.




Also in flower yesterday was the Water Mint (right), in the case receiving the attention of a bug (Heterotoma?). This plant looks pretty and the insects seem to love it, but it spreads quickly and has to be carefully controlled. Pulling out the young plants releases the characteristic smell of mint.

21 July - Two images today, based on the same flower.

The Fringed Water Lily (Nymphoides peltata) has started flowering each flower lasts for just a day and you can see the next flower bud rising out of the water.




Hoverflies seem to like these flowers and this one seems very interested in what the anthers of the flower have to offer. I think it is Episyrphus balteatus. Click on the image to see a larger version (61K).

25 July - A busy few days have meant my not spending time by the pond as we prepare for our holiday (see garden diary).

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