The Garden Diary 2001

Last Entry of the Year

Chapter 1 - Up to the end of March .........Slow progress towards Spring
Chapter 2 - April ...............Hawthorn leaves emerge, Solitary bee activity starts
Chapter 3 - May .Young Robins, Blackbird loses another brood, Hawthorn flowers
Chapter 4 - June
.Fledglings, flowers, lots of insects and the Blackbird fails again
Chapter 4 - July
.Bugs and ladybirds, crickets, spiders and snails, a young robin
Chapter 5 - August
.Leaf-cutter bees, caterpillars, Saw-fly larvae and spiders
Chapter 6 - September
.Fungi, moths, butterflies, spiders and Ivy flowers
Chapter 7 - October
.Fungi, Coal Tits, Goldcrest, hedgehog, slugs and a flea!
Chapter 8 - November
.Mild weather, 'Roof Garden', Mildew, and a Buttercup!
Chapter 9 - December
.Caterpillars, Foxes, Thrushes, Fungi and birdbox visits
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